The best XBox 360 emulator software !

Great working XBox 360 emulator software !

Xbox 360 is a powerful entertainment system developed by Microsoft, the latest among the power gaming consoles available in the market today. It combines the features of an off-line and on-line gaming console and multimedia player all contained in one attractive package. The games that can were designed for Xbox 360 look as good as the console itself.

Since all the games for this are high-definition, thanks to an Xbox emulator included in the Xbox 360, you don't need throw away many of your favorite games.

Include in this full package:
+ Beats of Rage Xbox 360

+ CPx3
+ MAME360 For Retail Dash

+ MAME360

Support operating system:
+ Windows XP
+ Windows Vista
+ Windows 7

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File name    xbox360-emulators-rar
File size    133526784 bytes
MD5 hash    609689d684084d30a358f1a034b71b2c
SHA1 hash    537c0fec488343ccfbad77120baaf25366fe304c
Detection rate:     0 on 14 (0%)
Status:    CLEAN

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